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Field Restoration or Renovation

A field restoration is used to improve the health of a plot of land without tearing it up and starting over.  This would be used to control a weed problem and or increase grass production.  A field renovation is tilling up the ground and starting over.  This would be used for example after construction if the ground has to be leveled or smoothed or there is little grass that can be used.  

A field restoration is generally going to cost less than a renovation.  The steps are similar in both processes.  The first step in either process is to have the soil analyzed.   This step is often overlooked and can lead to money spent on products that won’t solve the problem.  There are several options in the Treasure Valley for soil testing including buying a test kit at a local garden supply store.  After the soil is analyzed, we can select treatment that will make the best use of available nutrients and give the good grasses the upper hand over unwanted weeds.  The other goal in this process is to use minimal herbicides.  The natural process of good grasses crowding out bad grasses will use the least amount of herbicide.   The last step is to select grasses to plant.  This will depend on soil make up and what the use of the field will be.  

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